Global SEM

Mark Burns

Wordbank's international search engine marketing team gives an in-depth but light-hearted look at online marketing across Europe, Latin America and Asia. You'll get information on Baidu, Yandex, Naver and other search engines, plus useful viewpoints and technical information about international online marketing across some of the world's most challenging locales.

Global e-Learning

Darron Johnson

This online community shares ideas and experiences of the challenges of global e-learning. From developing e-learning applications with global markets in mind to planning an international e-learning campaign, it takes a practical approach. Join in to help us achieve seamlessly integrated e-learning and great returns on investment.


Gordon Husbands

Wordbank's VP Sales & Marketing discusses international communication in our fast moving, online, on-the move, and increasingly complex world. Gordon explores the challenge of global marketing and how technology and media, as well as cultural and linguistic issues, can often lead to miscommunication.

Global QA

Lauren Scanlan

Focusing on global localization, this blog covers everything from industry trends to advances in machine translation and other automated systems. You'll learn about the technologies, processes, innovations and best practices surrounding quality assurance, terminology management and localization.