• Forevermark - Entering new markets successfully


Entering new markets successfully

Forevermark turned to Wordbank when launching operations in China, Hong Kong and Japan. The brief was to localize its marketing materials suitably for each language and culture, while maintaining its central brand identity.

Wordbank localized Forevermark's consumer and jeweller websites, staff training and visual merchandising guidelines, brand brochure and jeweller manual. We drew on our creative adaptation skills and worked closely with local Forevermark offices to agree on brand messaging and terminology. We then managed these via a glossary and translation memory system to ensure consistency across all communication.

Wordbank continues to provide localization services for Forevermark's new jewellery collections, promotional campaigns, apps, staff training, brochures, and press releases for events such as the Oscars and BAFTAs where celebrities are showcasing their jewellery.

We helped Forevermark enter new markets, and establish its brand successfully in these countries, by making sure its communications respected the nuances of each local language and culture.

  • Mazda - Cost savings as high as 37%


Cost savings as high as 37%

Mazda came to Wordbank in 2000 for help centralizing its localized approach to translation. Mazda’s main objectives were to improve efficiency, leverage translation across different communications, increase consistency and, ultimately, save money.

For each Mazda model we localize the pre-launch, launch and showroom websites, which are regularly updated in 24 languages. We do in-country keyword research and optimize all new web updates. We also localize Mazda’s brochures in 29 languages and its e-learning in 22 languages, as well as promotional campaigns and digital servicing records.

Recently, we’ve also localized an iPhone app, a Facebook campaign and activity surrounding Mazda’s new branding strategy. This involved localizing TV commercials, videos, interactive applications and other promotional activities in 24 languages.

Wordbank has developed a best-practice XML/XLIFF-driven workflow which supports Mazda's process of creation, translation and local market approval of their content through content management systems. As part of this process we manage glossaries and translation memories. This allows us to maximize content recovery across Mazda's various marketing, branding and educational activities and ensures consistency.

By centralizing Mazda’s localization management, we’ve helped achieve the ultimate goal of cost saving, without any compromise on quality. By managing translation memories centrally, for example, we’ve achieved an average translation cost saving of 16% and savings as high as 37% for brochures.

  • Philips - High quality at a fast turnaround


High quality with a fast turnaround

Operating in a highly competitive market, Philips is often under pressure to launch new products or campaigns quickly, which means its marketing materials usually need to be localized in a very short space of time. The quality, however, needs to remain high.

Since 2010, we've provided translation services for several Philips products, including lighting, grooming, household goods and sound systems. Our work has ranged from the creative adaptation of advertising headlines and body copy to transcreating TV commercials, web content and mobile apps and translating video subtitles.

We also provide technical services for Philips, including localizing XML content for websites and Facebook pages or strings for apps. This ensures that content can be exchanged and localized very efficiently in terms of both cost and time. Wordbank also gives language-specific technical guidance for more complex alphabets such as Thai and Arabic.

We recently localized a large global campaign for Philips Lighting. This involved translating 40,000 words into 16 European and Asian languages and encompassed video subtitles, websites, Facebook pages, mobile apps, TV commercials and adverts.

As with our other work for Philips, we managed to localize this large volume of content under very demanding timelines, while ensuring that quality and consistency remained high across all campaign elements.

  • INTO - 50% increase in web traffic


50% increase in web traffic

INTO specializes in deeply embedded, long-term partnerships that transform the capacity, reach and competitive positioning of universities. Wordbank's focus was to attract more high-quality web enquiries for its international foundation and diploma courses. In particular, INTO wanted to focus on China, Russia and Arabic speaking markets.

INTO’s business objectives are targeted to delivering a first-class student experience within a university-led partnership, enhancing brand quality and academic reputation. To meet their requirements we first carried out in-depth analysis to identify country-specific marketing trends and opportunities. This informed the online marketing strategy we developed for each country, covering search and social media. The strategy also included key page identification, which uses search and online and offline factors to determine which pages should be translated and marketed for each locale.

Next, we used native-speaking pay-per-click (PPC) experts to create and run carefully targeted PPC campaigns in Arabic, Chinese and Russian. This guided the SEO strategy, as well as helping to achieve INTO's short-term goals. Wordbank also localized microsites, using sector-specific translators, and optimized them through in-country keyword research. Based on a thorough understanding of INTO's business we handled SEO strategy, keyword research and optimization of its English website too.

INTO enjoyed a 50% increase in web traffic thanks to our use of targeted keywords, and engagement with its audiences improved across Russia, China and Arabic nations. In the key month of August, for example, there were over 300 Arabic enquiries, which far exceeded INTO’s target. The English website’s page one ranking, meanwhile, increased by 40%.

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