Our consulting services will help you lay the foundations for a successful international marketing strategy. We'll work with you to decide which markets to target, which media and style of communication to use and what online strategy to implement to ensure a good return on your investment.

Wordbank - Consulting

Local market analysis

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Not sure which countries to target? Our international marketing strategy service will analyze potential markets to identify who's most likely to be receptive to your products and services. You'll get an insight into the local environment and what the opportunities and risks are so you can define your strategy before wasting money translating marketing content needlessly.

Online marketing strategy

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Based on local market analysis or an audit of your existing site, we can work with you to define an integrated online international marketing strategy. You'll get a comprehensive programme of online activity, tailored to your goals and the regions you're targeting. It could include everything from search engine optimization to pay-per-click activity, display network advertising, social media optimization, link building and more. And if you'd like us to implement the strategy, we can do that too. Let our in-house specialists take the strain of planning out your international online marketing activities.

Style & terminology development

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Wordbank - Consulting

Our in-house team of dedicated brand asset managers can co-ordinate a range of services for you to ensure that your messaging is consistent, appropriate to the market and captures your key terminology. This range of services can include:

  • Branding and target market brief development
  • Language style guide for each target locale
  • Key marketing terminology database to ensure consistency of product names,
    trademarks and core messaging across all languages

Before embarking on any translation activity, it's crucial that your brand values, communication style and customer proposition are well established and clearly articulated. Our style and terminology services will then ensure that your brand is interpreted correctly in each local market – an invaluable extension of your existing brand guidelines when managing international campaigns.

Concept testing & adaptation

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With in-country testing of key brand copy and concepts you'll save time, money and embarrassment by making sure your creative copy and advertising concepts work in all languages before it's too late. We use local copywriters and editors with subject matter expertise, so you can be reassured that we're always getting relevant input and ideas.

To make sure your existing copy resonates well with the local market, you'll get several adaptations for consideration and discussion with local stakeholders. We'll provide comments with the adaptations and highlight our recommended options, leaving the final choice in your hands. In Europe, brands as diverse as Hertz, Microsoft, DDB and Autodesk have seen the benefits of our 'Conquest' ad transcreation services for many years.

Workflow & content management

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Wordbank - Consulting

Need to ensure that your international online content is current, consistent and managed cost effectively? We have 24 years' experience in working with our clients to establish streamlined workflows and processes. Our aim is always to reduce your ongoing costs and achieve the best possible turnaround times. Our technical team will analyze your existing workflow and content management system capabilities and we'll identify a localization workflow that will take the pain and manual effort out of asset control and management. Using the latest technology and our own high-spec systems we’ll help you to:

  • Automate your workflow
  • Manage multilingual content
  • Integrate your content management systems

Centralization strategy

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To centralize or not to centralize? We can develop a strategy and execution plan showing which aspects of your international marketing will be best implemented centrally, and which will be best handled by your local offices. We can advise you which of your campaigns, promotions and initiatives are best-suited for each approach. In some cases it's best to have people on the ground who know about local legalities and culture. In others, central control is the key to a successful campaign.

We'll help you find the right balance between global integration and local management, bearing in mind your budget and resources, so you get the benefits of both. For a closer look at the benefits and risks of centralization, download our free white paper.

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