Our global network of more than 4,000 translators, editors, proofreaders and in-country search specialists covers 140 languages. You'll be reassured to know, however, that not just anyone can be part of our extended team.

Wordbank - In-country expert

An elite group

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We have a very stringent assessment process for new linguistic suppliers and reject 60% of those who apply. Once we've welcomed people into our network, we monitor them carefully to ensure they maintain our high standards of language and service quality.

Wordbank's freelance linguists all work into their mother tongue and have at least five years' translation experience and specialist knowledge of specific industries such as IT or finance. Plus, they're used to working with creative, marketing-based content as well as technical copy.

Once in-country search specialists have passed our rigorous entry tests, our in-house search marketing team briefs them fully on each project. They'll use their local search engine skills to ensure your message is localized and promoted through the right channels. With proven experience in everything from keyword placement to analytics and management software, they'll get you visibility exactly where you need it.

They look after you

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Like the rest of the Wordbank team, they're an intelligent group. All are educated to at least BA level and most have specialized in translation at MA or PhD level. They also share our work ethic. Just like our in-house staff, our freelance linguists will pull out all the stops to ensure your project is completed on time and to perfection.

Why? Because as well as expecting them to keep our high standards and continuously improve, we also take care of them. They're all paid well and on time and are shown appreciation for their excellent work.

Why not put your marketing materials in the safe hands of our in-country experts? Give us a call to discuss which languages you need your words to work in.

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