Find quick conversions and create long-term strategies with Wordbank's multilingual PPC campaign creation and management. Whatever market you're looking to target, our in-country PPC experts will provide localized keyword lists and effective PPC strategies to ensure that you drive quality traffic and leads at the lowest possible price.

Wordbank - International PPC

Multilingual PPC

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We don't just translate PPC campaigns, we localize them. Whether you want quick conversions or have a longer-term strategy, our international pay-per-click (PPC) service will help you to achieve your lead-generation goals. Your campaigns will be developed and managed by in-country, engine-specific experts. They'll feature carefully targeted, localized keywords and engaging content, and will take exactly the right approach for each market.

Experts for each market

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Working in Google? We use Google-approved programmers. Targeting China? We have Baidu experts. Focusing on Korea? Try our Naver specialists. Aiming at Russia? Look no further than our Yandex professionals. By using country-specific search engines and specialists, we'll enable you to achieve maximum visibility and effectiveness. You'll attract high-quality traffic and leads, while keeping costs low.

We'll create and optimize landing pages for your international PPC campaigns and set up multivariate testing. Our focus is always on the quality of traffic driven to your site, so the optimization will be based on conversion data.

Wordbank works in more than 140 languages and is ISO certified: you can rely on us to provide high-quality PPC marketing in any language.

An integrated approach

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International PPC works best when it's part of an overall global strategy, which is why we offer a complete global online marketing service. Multilingual SEO will give you far-reaching international search marketing, while our international social media services will enable you to monitor what international markets are saying about your brand and get closer to local prospects.

Get a free audit

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Contact us for a free international PPC audit to get competitor analysis and to understand the opportunities in your target markets.

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