Social media has become a key tool in attracting traffic to your site, creating quality links for SEO, improving your brand's reputation and, ultimately, generating sales. When it comes to maximizing social media in other markets, there can be obstacles to overcome, from country-specific platforms to language barriers and cultural diversification. Our experts can help – not just in translating and transcreating content for social media, but in monitoring and responding to what your audiences are saying.

Wordbank - International social media

Specialist support

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Wordbank's in-country specialists are supported by the latest social media tracking software to monitor and report on international markets. We can monitor content around your brand, country-specific product information or general information across your target markets.

When it comes to engaging with your international audiences, we'll ensure that you're saying the right things in the right places. We'll set up international social media accounts (e.g. RenRen, Vkontakte, Weibo, Orkut, Facebook and Twitter) in your target markets on your behalf and translate or transcreate, and optimize, your content, from press releases to blogs, comments, updates and more. We'll then upload the content to the most suitable social media and PR platforms.

We can help you to manage your international social media activity in more than 140 languages. So, wherever and whoever your target market, you can get social with them.

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Not sure where to start? Contact us for a free international social media audit to find out what your international customers are saying, and get a better understanding of social media in your target markets.

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