From web to video, mobile to print, Wordbank's in-house studio has the experience and expertise to adapt your marketing content to suit your international audiences. In-country subject matter experts, translation memory processes and in-house quality assessment systems all work to ensure that your language, message and functionality are great quality across all media.

Wordbank - Multimedia localization

Website localization & SEO

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If you're attacking the global market, your website needs a multimedia localization comprehensive service. Collectively, our in-house studio has over 40 years' experience in international multimedia. We can provide full translation and localization of your website, whatever the size, whatever the format, whatever the locale. This includes:

  • Simple content, e.g. HTML, XML, JS
  • Server-side code, e.g. .NET, JSP, PHP, Perl, Python
  • Voice content
  • Imagery
  • Animations and video content, e.g. Flash, Director, Final Cut Pro
  • Display and functionality testing
  • Integrated SEO
  • Tailored online quality assessment, including cross-browser testing

Unless your site is professionally localized and optimized for each of your target markets, it will be virtually invisible to local search engines. It's also likely to give local visitors a poor experience and therefore a negative impression of your brand. We provide integrated and standalone on- and off-page optimization to help you get the best visibility for your localized content.


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While an effective mobile presence for your brand is critical for all of your target markets, some international markets, such as Japan and India, are more heavily mobile dependent than others. Our in-house tools and processes allow for streamlined localization of apps for iPhones, Android and Windows phones and we can provide cross-cultural site design based on an existing design or from scratch.

To ensure that your apps have the right impact in each of your markets, they need to be localized. We’ll look at app usage in your target markets and will localize content as well as assessing the quality of the screens and functionality.

Video & motion localization

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Wordbank - Multimedia localization

Video is a powerful element of online and social media marketing. To capitalize on this trend, you need to ensure that your video design and content really reach out to your visitors. For example, on average, the Chinese population spends 60 minutes per day watching videos online, but that drops to just 6 minutes per day if the videos aren't in their local language.

Our video & motion localization services include:

  • Script localization
  • Talent sourcing and selection
  • Voice recording
  • Synchronization

We can also provide tagging for local video platforms and subtitles for smaller markets or limited budgets.

e-Learning & games

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To teach correctly, it's vital that your e-learning is localized well. And if games are to have the impact you want in your target market, they need to be fully accessible. We'll address all aspects, including the recording, editing and synchronization of elements such as images, screen captures, animations, video, subtitles and audio.

Our in-house studio is experienced in e-learning and game applications using Flash, Captivate, Presenter, Articulate, Unity and Lectora. We incorporate full quality assessments of applications, including functional, linguistic, display and regression testing. Find out more via our dedicated blog.

Printed materials & advertising

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We handle all mainstream print media formats (including InDesign, Illustrator, Quark XPress, Freehand, PageMaker, Photoshop and FrameMaker) in more than 140 languages. This includes bidirectional languages such as Hebrew and Arabic and double-byte languages from the Asia-Pacific region.

Our high-tech processes automate the extraction and reinsertion of localized text, leaving our linguists to focus on the quality of your message. This eliminates time-consuming and error-prone copying and pasting, and is up to 75% faster than manual typesetting. It allows our media engineers to ensure that the layout and design reflect your branding.

Testing & technical QA

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Wordbank - Multimedia localization

Our multimedia localization service can incorporate functionality, user experience and cross-browser testing for all of your websites and online media to ensure that they really hit the mark and are consistent across devices and locales. It's all about giving your audience the best possible user experience and leaving them with a positive brand perception. We use specially designed quality assurance tools and workflows to streamline this process and ensure that cost impact is minimized while the quality of your localized multimedia is optimized.

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