Work with Wordbank and you'll be in excellent company. Our clients are smart people who work for great companies and want to make the very most of their global marketing and communication budgets. Their organizations range from international mega brands to small go-getters, and from old hands to new startups.

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We boast a long list of over 700 brand relationships, more than 80 percent of which have lasted longer than five years. By centralizing localization with Wordbank, these clients have been able to expand their domestic and international brand presences holistically – ensuring their programs are locally engaging while still brand consistent across all markets.

Wordbank’s involvement may include traditional localization solutions like translation and transcreation or more consultative capabilities such as market research, audience profiling, branding, planning, technical engineering, graphic design, online marketing or analytics. No matter how we partner, our focus on engaging communications lends value to our clients’ global efforts.