When you’re creating high-impact, promotional content such as global advertising campaigns, straight translation is rarely enough. The challenge isn’t just to translate your copy into multiple languages. It’s about ensuring that:

  • The concept is appropriate for each locale.
  • The message elicits the desired response in each country.
  • The new copy and concepts support your brand values.


A Creative Process

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Wordbank offers a range of transcreation services that reflect the process used by creative advertising agencies. Your brief and imagery provide guidance, while the original copy is a source of inspiration. For each locale, at least three specialist marketing linguists with expertise in your area create new copy in their language.

Get the Back Story

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What makes our process unusual? Not only do we give a few creative alternatives for each piece of copy, we also provide back-translations and a commentary to explain how they’ll be interpreted locally. Many of our clients find that offering a choice of transcreations rather than a single final version helps the local country marketers to feel involved and increases their buy-in.

The commentary, meanwhile, allows the campaign manager and creative director to understand the transcreations more easily and keep control of the brand across countries.

Make Informed Decisions

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Whatever your industry sector, whichever countries you’re targeting, and whether your campaign is aimed at businesses or consumers, Wordbank can help you achieve better global results. If you’re planning particularly creative or quirky campaigns, the sooner you involve us the better.

We can give you early warning of any problems there may be in rolling your campaign out internationally, so you can make informed decisions from the outset. The internet’s littered with examples of campaigns in which something has been lost in translation. We’ll ensure yours doesn’t join them.

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