Our web and media services include translation elements, but you can come to us for standalone professional translation too. Choose the suitable level of translation or even opt for us to write content for you from scratch, depending on your marketing goals and content needs. We won't always recommend you translate everything and anything, but will focus on the content that's important to each of your target locales.

Wordbank - Translation

Machine translation editing

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Machine translation can be critical to success for high volumes of content. If volume is paramount, but polished language and style are less important, our language processing team can audit your content to find the most suitable method of automated translation and design an appropriate workflow. Specially trained editors improve the output to get the best possible results within your budget.

If you're already using machine translation or automated language solutions as part of your localization process, we can support your processes with quality spot-checks or standalone post-editing services.

Standard professional translation

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Our two-stage translation, by two in-country, marketing-focused linguists, works best for high volume or informational materials that need to be correct, but don't require a high degree of creativity. It's ideally suited to press releases, surveys, internal documents or terms and conditions.

Our native-speaker translators will use their linguistic and subject matter expertise to adapt your content to suit the language and culture of each of your markets.

Creative translation & transcreation

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Wordbank - Translate

If your content is high-profile and heavily focused on branding and messaging, this is the service for you. Three in-country linguists collaborate to translate not just the words but the concept of your promotional material.

The team working on your creative translation will include marketing-focused translators and editors with expertise in your subject matter and a final stage of linguistic quality assessment. It's much more than translating words; it ensures that the messaging and feel of your content are consistent and expressed appropriately in each country.

Where you are developing taglines and straplines for global campaigns, our Conquest service is a perfect fit, providing copy development and concept testing. Our linguists will reflect the ideas and sentiment conveyed in your original copy, articulated in the style and manner most appropriate to the local market. This process will protect you from using a direct translation that could have an unintentionally negative tone or offend local sensibilities.


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Sometimes, even creative translation isn’t enough to fully engage your target audience. To be truly well targeted, your content may need to be generated with a specific locale in mind. Our copywriting service, based on your brief and mutually agreed content and style guidelines, will ensure that your message gets across with the impact it deserves. It is content written creatively from scratch, specifically for the market in your target locale.

Linguistic quality assessment

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Are you confident that your existing translated content is sending the right message to your target markets? We can carry out a suitability review of your websites or existing marketing collateral, assessing language, tone, style and use of key marketing terminology, to determine whether your content complies with your brand and global messaging. This service is of particular value if your translation isn't handled centrally. If, for example, it is done by a variety of in-house offices or multiple translation suppliers, we can provide support with centralized quality management.

Should your existing content need improvement, our global network of in-country editors can bring it up to the quality standard you require.

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