We welcome people of all backgrounds: economic, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and age. We’re committed to inspiring positive social impact by supporting diversity in all facets, both internally and externally. Here’s a look at how we’re doing.


By the very nature of our business and who we are as a company, we welcome and celebrate diversity of all kinds. We respect all perspectives. We encourage our people to express themselves and bring their whole selves to work.

Here’s our diversity breakdown for FY 19/20, as of March 2020.

Language & Cultural Diversity:

  • 8 nationalities in our Denver office
  • 24% of our people are non-native English speakers
  • 12 languages represented in-house
  • 17% of our Denver office is comprised of immigrants
  • 4,000-strong network of in-market and sector-specific professional resources spans over 105 nationalities in 112 countries and supports 200+ languages.

Race & Ethnic Diversity:

  • 34% of our people identify as people of color and 66% as white.

Gender, Age, & Sexuality Diversity:

  • 32% of our people are either under the age of 24 or over 50.
  • 78% identity as female & she/her, 22% as male & he/him.
  • Our global C-level management is 50% female, and our middle management team in Denver is 83% female.
  • 10% are LGBTQIA+

Our in-country expertise spans a wide range of creative and technical expertise, including linguists, researchers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, and digital marketers.

Driving Social Impact Through Diversity

We celebrate diversity and are committed to partnering with low-income and underrepresented minorities around the world.

Here’s how our diversity has made a positive social impact:

  • Almost 52% of our international freelance resources live in low-income communities. That, combined with our fair-trade translation and equal pay approach, supports our commitment to helping alleviate global poverty.
  • About 63% of our international freelance resources are women.
  • 97% of our in-country resources are individual freelancers or very small companies under 10 people.
  • Over 63% of our in-country resources have worked with us for 5+ years, and 28% have worked with us more than 10 years. This supports our aim to build lasting relationships with our in-country resources, which in turn supports a healthy working environment for our staff and a higher quality outcome for our clients.

Local Commitment

Supporting other independently owned, local businesses is part of our best practice. We prioritize working with companies who are within 50 miles of our office, are women- or minority-owned, certified B Corps, businesses who are environmentally friendly, sustainable, organic, non-GMO, and fair-trade. To support these efforts, we’ve put local purchasing guidelines into place and made a commitment to evaluating our supply network.

In 2019/2020, here’s how we did:

Non-labor costs

  • Local Businesses: 14% of our business suppliers representing 23% of costs.
  • Women- or minority-owned businesses: 16% of our business suppliers representing 35% of costs.
  • Independent/Private Businesses: 24% of business suppliers representing 50% of costs.