Integrating AI into Marketing Localization


Think you can trust AI with your global brand?
Well, yes. And no.

AI is revolutionizing the way we live and work. It automates some of the repetitive tasks that eat up our time, freeing us up to think more strategically. But it also has its limitations, particularly when it comes to creative work – like putting your brand in front of global audiences and hoping they’ll convert.

We surveyed international marketing experts, as well as our trusted global network of creatives – spanning 95 countries and 140 languages – for their expert opinions on all things AI. 85% of these global experts use AI tools on a daily or weekly basis.

We uncovered what’s working (and what’s not), and compiled their insights on how teams can leverage the benefits of AI without losing quality and effectiveness across global content.

In this eBook, learn more about:

  • Where AI shines and falls flat in marketing localization
  • How our experts leverage AI without losing the human touch
  • Ways our global creative experts combat AI’s limitations

Discover how global marketing experts are balancing human creativity with the power of AI.