“Why?” As a marketing localization agency with the aim of helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives, our first consideration is understanding the client’s marketing goals – why they want to localize or go global in the first place.



Most localization agencies focus heavily on volumes and file formats and how to enable content leverage and workflows. The efficient delivery of language is a major focal point for the localization industry, and volume is key to their business models. Because of the focus on efficiency, much of the “sell” is focused on cost-saving.

But effective marketing localization is about more than just translation. It’s the strategic blend of marketing and localization best practices to drive business success. It’s iterative, and based on actionable, measurable insights. And, while cost and workflow efficiencies are key to scaling global content models, marketing localization is first and foremost an investment in a company’s growth.

Our clients, no matter the stage in their localization maturity, recognize this. Taking a more thoughtful approach doesn’t need to involve a huge technical, operational, or budget cost to drive results. And it also doesn’t require you to be “locked in” with any localization provider.

Check out these blog posts that dive into each step of our Roadmap to Success.

Step 1: Know your markets

Step 2: Localize + optimize

Step 3: Promote your content

Step 4: Measure, iterate, expand

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