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November 8, 2019

E-Commerce In The Netherlands: How To Go Dutch

E-commerce in the Netherlands: welcome to a small country with real clout. English proficiency is high, but don’t take success for granted. You’ll need to adapt your approach to build lasting appeal. Here’s how to go about it.
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Consumer BehaviourMarket Insights
October 17, 2019

How To Untangle Consumer Behaviour In India

India, land of diversity – home to a host of languages, climates and traditions. Defining your target audience is key to understanding consumer behaviour in India. Here’s how to grow your brand in this fast-paced market.
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Digital Marketing
October 8, 2019

Social Media In India: Go Big Or Go Home

Social media in India is full of opportunity. Social platforms are investing big – and global brands want in. Here’s how to make sure your campaign goes with a swing.
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Digital MarketingGlobal E-Commerce
September 30, 2019

Why E-Commerce In India Is Full Of Potential

‘If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.’ No, it’s not New York. We’re talking about e-commerce in India. Boasting big numbers and bigger potential, it’s where global brands are investing. Here’s what you need to know.
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August 22, 2019

How To Tell If MT Post-Editing Is Right For You

MT post-editing is here to stay. If it’s faster or cheaper than human translation, there’s a case for it. The stakes are high, but the budget and quality risks are real. Here’s how to turn the odds in your favour.
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Consumer BehaviourMarket Insights
August 4, 2019

How To Keep Pace With Chinese Consumer Behaviour

China is moving to an all-digital retail value chain. This has wide-ranging implications for Chinese consumer behaviour. If you want to market your product in China, here are the trends you need to keep up with.
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August 1, 2019

A Who’s Who Guide To Chinese Social Media

Chinese social media users are among the most active in the world. Which means social media marketing is your key to success. But the key players are different. Here’s our ‘who’s who’ guide to help you navigate the Chinese platforms.
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Market Insights
July 24, 2019

E-Commerce In China: How To Be A Success

E-commerce in China is innovating at breakneck speed and scale. This promises huge rewards for intrepid brands, but success isn’t guaranteed. Here’s how you can seize the moment.
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