Since our beginnings in 1988, we have evolved a number of translation tools to consistently deliver accurate and relevant content across multiple languages. As well as consistent high quality, we can apply consistent savings because you won’t pay for the same translated segment more than once. We respect and value localization technology, but we’re not slaves to it. First and foremost, our in-house terminology team makes sure the language we use is the language your customers want to read.



For content that contains a lot of repetitive text, we’ll set up a Translation Memory, per language. This database of automatically-selected segments (source and target copy), enables us to reuse previously approved content in updated material. Not only will you be assured of consistent quality, but you won’t pay for the same segment more than once. Per-word rates are discounted by 20% (fuzzy match) to 75% (exact match).



You probably have language terms specific to your company, brand, products or services. Terms that makes you stand out from your competitors, and that you would like everyone to use. We can help ‘fix’ this language by manually selecting glossary terms and applying the approved translation or localization. Our translation teams will automatically reference your glossary as they are working through a project, and our in-house QA team will keep your product and brand language up-to-date and relevant.



For your content to be authentic across multiple markets, consider tone of voice. Explain what it is, provide examples of where, why and how to apply it. And then localize it, for added customer appeal. A tone of voice guide per language and per market is a powerful tool for anyone working on your content, whether they are local copywriters, in-market stakeholders or partner agencies. At Wordbank, we’ll tell your story the way it should be told, and put rules in place to make sure your voice is relevant to each and every customer.



Translation tools are only as good as the people who use them. Which is why, at Wordbank, we only support the best people in our industry with cutting edge technology. All of our language professionals pass stringent tests before joining our global team, and undergo regular training and ad hoc testing throughout their career. They are closely monitored by our in-house QA teams, some of whom have worked with us for more than 15 years and are amongst the top brains in the localization industry.



To deliver words in relevant local formats and on the devices your customers are using, you may be looking to localize anything from landing pages to e-commerce sites; e-books to magazines; flyers to brochures; packaging to billboards. Thanks to years of experience in global content environments, we’re proud to say we’re platform agnostic and handle any format, platform and software environment, from the smallest app to the largest dynamic site.

We value technology that facilitates delivery, and supports our creative language teams. To get to your content quickly and easily, we have created our own systems, and partner with leading CMS providers, to support everything from language production to campaign management.