Our clients invest a huge amount of time and money on a designer creating eye-catching layout design. Each collateral is created with some amazing fonts that are specific to them delivering their brand message globally. We consult, research and advise on the best choice of language options available for print media fonts. This ensures a client’s message has the same look and feel for all markets.

Print Media Font Sourcing and What It Means

We have an ever-increasing library of various font styles that we lovingly built up over several years. Our library contains character sets for:

  • Bidirectional
  • Asia Pacific
  • Indic
  • Cyrillic
  • Greek, to name a few

All sorts of styles:

  • Sans serif
  • Serif
  • Script
  • Handwritten
  • Slab serif

To stay current with new and on-trend fonts, we are always looking for more specialized fonts that can support such languages.

We reference:

  • Font-specific websites
  • Read white papers
  • Newsletters

The MyFonts newsletter is a really good source of interest, always highlighting the rising stars each month.

Font matching

We consult with the client after assessing any artwork files and call out if the fonts used to create their designs do not support the chosen languages. We then offer them the following service:

  • An analysis of the artwork
  • A search for specific characteristics for each character and best match
  • Specialist look at the style of some uppercase characters, Q or M for instance

After our research is done and a selection of best font matches are chosen, we create three or four paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum preview text. A pdf is then supplied to the client for review.

Font approval from the client

  • We send the pdf to the client
  • The client chooses the best font match
  • We await approval and sign-off
  • The client is happy
  • We are happy

And away we go – design for localization can begin.

Do you have a preferred font that you always use? Let us know! We can tell you if it is suitable for multiple language publishing.