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Translate to connect with local consumers while driving engagement and revenue everywhere

Our experienced and internationally savvy team will translate your content on time, on budget, and in a way that is both locally relevant and globally consistent with the essence of your brand.

Translate your content for growth and ROI

Adapt your content to your local audience

Content translation is more than just translating words into different languages. It involves understanding and communicating the essence of your brand and the meaning of the message being communicated. It’s about adapting your brand’s tone of voice to the target market, making sure the content is relevant, accurate, relatable, and customized to the target audience. A translation mistake can be very costly for your brand and have a negative – and sometimes irreversible – impact on consumer experience in your target country.

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55.5% of all web content is in English. However, only 33% of the people on the web are English native speakers. According to IDS, web users are four times more likely to purchase from a company that communicates in their own language. Additionally, visitors to websites stay twice as long on sites that are available in their native tongue.

–Sources: -- Language -- June 2015

Forester Research

A unique approach to Translation

Our unique approach to content translation blends traditional and creative language services with global marketing expertise. We’ll help you create engaging experiences for your international audiences and drive results based on your goals.


In-country language + design experts






Platform agnostic



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Prior to finding Wordbank, we had worked with multiple translation vendors and were continuously disappointed because they kept promising services they just couldn’t deliver on. Wordbank is able to localize our files in many different formats, whether XML, InDesign, Excel with minimal involvement on my part. Their file engineers are just great.

–Carrie Wolnik

Vendor Manager, Towers Watson OSI




Services to fit your content (and budget)

From simple to specialist to creative translation – and everything in between – you’re covered. Save budget by translating less (but more relevant) content and matching services to the nature and purpose of your material.

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Translating meaning, not just words

Creative copy peppered with idioms or puns can often get lost in translation. Transcreation by talented linguists preserves the essence and creativity of your content while adapting it for maximum local impact.

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Original, in-language content

When you need more than translation, in-market copywriters create compelling content based on local trends, nuances, and consumer preferences.

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Consistent savings, accuracy, & style

Through a combination of industry standard computer aided translation (CAT) tools and expertise in tailoring these tools to meet your unique needs, content specialists ensure consistent quality – at scale and on budget.

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The tools you need to succeed

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, there’s no one-size-fits-all translation technology that will meet all your needs. We’re platform agnostic, so you can use the tools that work best for you and your growth goals.

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A holistic approach

Go beyond words to deliver an engaging brand experience where language, visuals, and technology work in harmony to delight your in-market users.

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