Forevermark turned to Wordbank when launching operations in China, Hong Kong and Japan. The goal was to localize marketing materials suitably for each language and culture, while maintaining central brand identity.

Wordbank localized Forevermark’s consumer and jeweler websites, staff training and visual merchandising guidelines, brand brochure and jeweler manual. We drew on our creative adaptation skills and worked closely with local Forevermark offices to agree on brand messaging and terminology. We then managed these via a glossary and translation memory system to ensure consistency across all communication.

Wordbank continues to provide localization services for Forevermark’s new jewelry collections, promotional campaigns, apps, staff training, brochures and press releases for events such as the Oscars and BAFTAs where celebrities are showcasing their jewelry.

We helped Forevermark enter new markets, and establish its brand successfully in these countries, by making sure its communications respected the nuances of each local language and culture.