Herman Miller


Herman Miller places great importance on design, the environment, community service, and the health and well-being of their customers and employees. Their inspiring furniture designs, inventive technologies, and strategic services help people do great things.

With Herman Miller’s culture representing the collective attitudes, aspirations, ideas, and experiences of their people, we felt naturally aligned on values and approach to our work. Herman Miller selected Wordbank as their preferred localization vendor in 2012. Our marketing localization expertise, commitment to strategic partnerships, sustainability, and our people (clients, staff, linguists, and community) were central to that decision.

Consistent with the beauty and inspiration of their designs, the Herman Miller team produces richly detailed content. Each product description provides compelling information about individual features, as well as the story behind each piece. This is both creative and technical copy that requires more than straightforward translation to engage their international customers.

To capture the complexity of Herman Miller’s brand in-language, our dedicated teams of linguists and content specialists consistently produce fluent and effective translations that capture the Herman Miller style and create natural, authentic content.

Localizing print, web, and video content for 10+ markets, our in-house and in-country teams are committed to producing quality content on-time and on-budget to support Herman Miller’s business goals. All the while conveying Herman Miller’s unique tone of voice, language style, message, and brand positioning in every piece.