Global streaming company

Scaling without sacrificing

Key takeaways

  • Scaling creative into 35 languages without compromising quality
  • Freeing the company up to do what they do best: innovate to provide a remarkable global streaming experience

The full story

When a marketing director asked us to help solve an incredibly complex problem, we jumped at the opportunity. Their team was dedicated to scaling an amazing on-service customer experience across multiple global markets. But their localized creative was missing the mark. They were losing credibility with international users because they weren’t producing creative, locally authentic content that resonated.

Scaling creative internationally is notoriously difficult. With different visual, language, and cultural preferences between markets, getting creative right across multiple locales – and thousands of assets – is no easy feat.

Previously, they had engaged multiple agencies to both handle the volume of content they had to produce and replicate the quality of their domestic design. But as cutting-edge as the company is, they found themselves with another problem countless international businesses had encountered: engaging more agencies across the globe can hinder international growth, not accelerate it.

Instead of freeing up time to drive innovation, the team’s focus shifted to administration. They were stretched thin managing multiple agencies with different areas of expertise across multiple geographies (and time zones). With the company’s brightest minds occupied wrangling agencies instead of executing on key business initiatives, it’s no surprise their global growth suffered because of the multi-agency approach.

That’s where we came in. 

We started with 10 titles and 1 language. Now we’re localizing 40,000+ assets annually in over 35 languages. And most importantly, their team is now free to do what they do best: deliver an amazing experience for their customers, no matter where they are in the world.

But it hasn’t stopped there. The relationship continues to evolve as their business needs change. In addition to high-volume, high-quality creative localization, we now support them on subtitling, QA, video editing, and system engineering. 

Our success is built on balancing in-house creative and operational expertise with in-country, local execution. For us, this is the most obviously simple way to deliver creative quality at scale. We mobilize the right talent at the right time to meet the need, whatever it is. And we have decades of experience in doing this quickly and effectively.

What our client had to say

“Your team is amazing and you’ve scaled with us through many business and workflow changes. You challenge us to do better and encourage growth & innovation. Our partnership strengthens every year and I’m very grateful for what we’ve achieved together! Thank you!” –Operations Specialist, Artwork