Maserati, the iconic Italian luxury automotive brand, has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. Maserati undertook a global marketing reboot to strengthen its growing global presence. This included locking down brand messaging to build an improved and consistent customer experience across markets.

Maserati needed a global-local framework that would create a clearer and more accurate brand definition across markets. To achieve this, we created a single, localized tone of voice guide and glossary, which were then adapted in collaboration with the local markets.

We started with International English. Then, we worked with local-market contacts to adapt them for the UK and US markets, and to localize them into other languages.

To date, this includes Italian, French, German, Spanish, Swiss Italian, Swiss French, Swiss German, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

From this foundation, we offered HQ and the local markets a central point of contact for copywriting and localization. And our work expanded to include typesetting and design services across Print & Brand Comms, Digital, PR, CRM, Product Training, Merchandising, and Aftersales.

Each department and market we collaborate with benefits from our dedicated Maserati account team. It works strategically with the offices to ensure efficient execution of Maserati’s ever-increasing content demands.