Level up your international software marketing

Global demand gen tactics not delivering like they used to? You’re not alone. Find out how to build trust with your international audiences – and make sure you’re the one they choose when it’s time to buy.

Fuel your global growth

Times are tough for international software marketers.

Budgets are tight, targets are up, and thanks to generative AI, breaking through the noise to reach your audience is harder than ever.

Product marketing leaders are beating the drum for brand building to fuel growth in the face of these challenges. For international product marketing, this is doubly important – and challenging.

But with a strategic approach that centers the unique needs of your in-country audiences, you can build up your global brand and hit your demand gen targets.

(Without blowing past your budget.)

96% of global software buyers create a vendor list when shopping for software, and 89% usually purchase from that list. The average buyer's shortlist includes 4 providers.


2024 Global Software Buying Trends

Roadmap to international software marketing success

Build up your global brand & hit your demand gen targets

There’s no silver bullet for underperforming in-country campaigns – but there is a proven roadmap for getting it right. Taking a highly-targeted, strategic approach will help you use your budget more effectively, increasing brand awareness and conversions at the same time.


Understanding the in-country culture, industry trends, and competitive landscape is crucial to marketing effectively to your audience. From assessing brand awareness to discovering where they spend their time online, a deep dive into your market from local experts will arm you with the information you need to tailor your approach for maximum impact.


Assess your brand in the context of the market – where do existing brand elements work well, and where do they need to be calibrated for local sensibilities? Imagery, tone of voice, colors, elements, and even the positioning of the problem you solve may need to shift based on market needs.


Any disruption to an in-language experience can turn off potential buyers – especially in competitive markets. To get the most out of your budget, determine the essential milestones on the customer journey and optimize them for your in-country audience. Each step – whether it’s high-visibility web content, forms, white papers, demo videos, or emails – must be expertly localized (and locally relevant).


To win in-market customers, they have to trust you – and that starts with building awareness of your brand. Programmatic and paid social offer awareness at scale, while local native advertising, direct buys, and influencer marketing help you build sentiment through local niche, go-to sources of expert industry intel. Just make sure your messaging and creative are on point.


Capture demand with locally relevant paid search and paid social campaigns. Inspire confidence at the point of conversion with case studies of in-market success stories and in-language reviews. But the journey can’t stop with your marketing. To actually turn them into customers, there has to be sufficient (and in-language) sales support to close the deal.


Analyze how your efforts are performing across channels and look for any areas where your audience starts dropping off. If you’re targeting culturally similar markets, you can test the successes of one in another market to see if they can be replicated. Expand your efforts as success allows, and be ready to shift your budget to better-performing regions if market (or your business) conditions change.


Actionable insights to level up your international marketing

Wanna know more? Dive into these practical guides to improve your campaign performance and scale global growth. Check back often – we’ll be releasing more exclusive insights, tailor-made to make your life easier.

As a FinTech company, we highly appreciate Wordbank's understanding of our industry's complex ecosystem and B2B SaaS offering. Their ability to accommodate our specific needs is a testament to their exceptional-quality network of talent and tailored customer-first service approach. We are excited to continue collaborating with them and we do not hesitate to recommend them.

–VP, Global Demand Gen


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