Operating in a highly competitive market, Philips was under pressure to launch new products or campaigns quickly, which meant its marketing materials usually needed to be localized in a very short time. The quality, however, needed to remain high.

From 2010, we provided translation services for several Philips products, including lighting, grooming, household goods and sound systems. Our work ranged from the creative adaptation of advertising headlines and body copy to transcreating TV commercials, web content and mobile apps and translating video subtitles.

We also provided technical services for Philips, including localizing XML content for websites and Facebook pages or strings for apps.

This ensured that content could be exchanged and localized very efficiently in terms of both cost and time. Wordbank also gave language-specific technical guidance for more complex alphabets such as Thai and Arabic.

We localized a large global campaign for Philips Lighting. This involved translating 40,000 words into 16 European and Asian languages and encompassed video subtitles, websites, Facebook pages, mobile apps, TV commercials and advertisements.

As with our other work for Philips, we managed to localize this large volume of content under very demanding timelines, while ensuring that quality and consistency remained high across all campaign elements.