Mazda came to Wordbank in 2000 for help centralizing its localized approach to translation. Mazda’s main objectives were to improve efficiency, leverage translation across different communications, increase consistency and, ultimately, save money.

For each Mazda model, we localized the pre-launch, launch and showroom websites, which were regularly updated in 24 languages. We did in-country keyword research and optimized all new web updates. We also localized Mazda’s brochures in 29 languages and its eLearning in 22 languages, as well as promotional campaigns and digital servicing records.

We also localized an iPhone app, a Facebook campaign and activity surrounding Mazda’s new branding strategy. This involved localizing TV commercials, videos, interactive applications and other promotional activities in 24 languages.

Wordbank developed a best-practice XML/XLIFF-driven workflow that supported Mazda’s process of creation, translation and local market approval of content through content management systems. As part of this process, we managed glossaries and translation memories. This allowed us to maximize content recovery across Mazda’s various marketing, branding and educational activities, and also ensured consistency.

By centralizing Mazda’s localization management, we helped achieve the ultimate goal of cost saving, without any compromise on quality. By managing translation memories centrally, for example, we achieved an average translation cost saving of 16% and savings as high as 37% for brochures.